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2017 Featured Series: Restart—evangelist Jeremy Joy

We are focused on "Running The Race" in 2015 - which involves following Jesus - with Heaven as the prize for crossing the finish line. We invite you to join us in our year-long journey!

Updated  2.24.2017

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When Your Life Is A Mess—November 2016

What is the "one thing" that will help us press on - even when we are tempted to shrink back because of doubt and fear? Is it as simple as "one thing" - really? In this sermon, we explore a Scripture, Philippians 3:4 -14, that will lift us "Onward and Upward!"

Life is like running a race. We must start strong, stay strong, and finish strong, if we want to receive the prize at the end, which is Heaven. Even though we may stumble on the way, we can cross the finish line. Join us in the study of 2 Timothy 4:6 - 8 as we discover how to "Finish the Race!"

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