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In Part 2 of the sermon series, we discover that God is good, even though there may be bad things happening in our lives. He certainly makes all things beautiful in His time! We learn how the truth that God is good prepares us to share the gift of encouragement with others.

In Part 3, we discover that God is great - greater than our highest highs and lowest lows. Do you ever feel that your problems are bigger than God? That somehow the circumstances in your life have caused you to miss out on Godís plan for you? We need to be reminded that no matter how big our problems may be, God is bigger.

In Part 4, we discover that the wisdom of God is seen most clearly in the storms of life. He is not doing something TO us because he hates us. Just the opposite. He is doing something IN us that He might do something THROUGH us because He loves us. God is indeed wise!

Sunday Night Services

July 15, 2018óLeadership

Leadership means the state or position of being a leader, but we know that it involves much more. What does the Bible say about leadership? How can we exercise true spiritual leadership within our sphere of influence?

July 22, 2018ó Questions About God

Do you want to know God in a deeper, more meaningful way? There are four soul-searching questions that will lead you down the right path.



July 2, 2018 Sunday morning service: We start a new sermon series entitled, "Encourage." Catchy title, huh? But, with all the negativity in the world, besides challenges in our lives, we can use more encouragement.

If you missed the live stream of the series, check out the videos!