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In Part 2 of the sermon series, we discover that God is good, even though there may be bad things happening in our lives. He certainly makes all things beautiful in His time! We learn how the truth that God is good prepares us to share the gift of encouragement with others.

In Part 3, we discover that God is great - greater than our highest highs and lowest lows. Do you ever feel that your problems are bigger than God? That somehow the circumstances in your life have caused you to miss out on God’s plan for you? We need to be reminded that no matter how big our problems may be, God is bigger.

In Part 4, we discover that the wisdom of God is seen most clearly in the storms of life. He is not doing something TO us because he hates us. Just the opposite. He is doing something IN us that He might do something THROUGH us because He loves us. God is indeed wise!

Sunday Night Services

October 14— Listening To God It is unusual if someone is willing to turn down the music or put down the cell phone in order to listen to what you have to say. On the other hand, God is ready at all times to listen to you, but are you willing to silence everything to listen to Him?

October 7— Revive Us Again There is a need for spiritual revival as the world becomes more and more secular. What is revival? How can we be revived in heart and soul?

September 9, 2018—To The Laodicians Indifference toward God is one of the most effective weapons that Satan uses to destroy our faith and spirituality. How can we overcome the problem of indifference? How can we fan the flame of faith creating a reaction in our lives and throughout the world?

August 12, 2018 — Discouraged When life is hard, when we are discouraged, God is neither absent nor silent. He speaks to us, if we are listening. Based upon Hebrews 13:5-6, we have the promise that God will never leave us or forsake us.

August 5, 2018 — Chosen Everyone likes to be chosen, to feel wanted and needed. God chooses us in Jesus Christ for a purpose - and it is potentially for everyone. In the sermon, we discover how and why we are chosen

July 22, 2018— Questions About God Do you want to know God in a deeper, more meaningful way? There are four soul-searching questions that will lead you down the right path.

July 15, 2018—Leadership Leadership means the state or position of being a leader, but we know that it involves much more. What does the Bible say about leadership? How can we exercise true spiritual leadership within our sphere of influence?

August 5: This morning, we kick off a new sermon series called, “Let’s Talk About Life!” In Part 1, we explore the fundamental question: what do you really want for your life? Sometimes what we want is not what we really want, if we are honest.

August 12: “Why did I do that?” “What was I thinking?” In Part 2 of the sermon series “Let’s Talk About Life!” we identify three reasons why we do not choose what is most valuable and how we can win the battle in our hearts and lives.

August 19: How do you discover what you value? How do you win the battle between what you initially want versus what you ultimately value? In Part 3 of the sermon series “Let’s Talk About Life!” we explore the process by which we can discover what God as our Father really wants for us.

August 26: Part 4 and final sermon in the series “Let’s Talk About Life!” What do you really want for your life? More, important, what does your Heavenly Father really want for your life? The two are closer than you may think, as we engage in the process of transformation, discovering what we ultimately value.

March 2019

March 24— Against All Odds”

The church is remarkable because it survived the first century against all odds as it was planned and orchestrated by God. Join me on a journey from ancient Jerusalem and Rome to 21st Century New Martinsville as we discover why the church is remarkable.

Sunday Morning sermon series — “Where Is God?”
March 3 —For the first three Sunday mornings in March, we will be engaged in a new sermon series - “Where Is God?” In Part 1, we discover that God is paying attention to our circumstances and we can trust His plan for our lives.

March 10 —Part 2 When it seems that God is uncooperative, saying no to our prayer requests, He provides sufficient, sustaining grace.

March 17 — Part 3 It may seem that God is late - that He does not answer our prayer requests on our timetable - but there are reasons why I can continue to trust Him in the meantime.

January through February 2019

Sunday Morning sermon series — “Grow Your Faith
January 13 — Part 1 Unfortunately, due to technical problems, there is no video of the morning sermon. 

January 27 — In Part 2, we discover how God uses His word to strengthen and increase our faith. We must move from the realm of knowledge and information into the realm of life application as the word of God challenges us where our faith most needs to grow.

February 3 — In Part 3, we explore how God uses people to grow our faith including providential relationships and opportunities. Who is God using to strengthen your faith? How is God using you to strengthen the faith of others?

February 3 — Follow up to Part 3—As we continue the conversation about how God uses providential relationships and opportunities in our lives. Using the example of Paul, the persecutor turned preacher, we discover the 5 D’s of the providence of God - doing, dangers, detours, delays, and difficulties - and how they are involved in growing our faith.

February 10 — In Part 4, we learn how God uses habits of spiritual behavior to grow our faith, specifically prayer, as we communicate with our Father in Heaven.

February 17 — In Part 5 we learn how God uses acts of service and generosity to grow our faith as he forms the heart of a servant within us. 

February 24 — In Part 6, using the story of Lazarus, we discover how God is working in our lives, even when we experience pain and suffering. He accomplishes through the bad what may not be possible otherwise.


July 2, 2018 Sunday morning service:

We start a new sermon series entitled, "Encourage." Catchy title, huh? But, with all the negativity in the world, besides challenges in our lives, we can use more encouragement.

If you missed the live stream of the series, check out the videos!

August 2018 Sunday morning:

Too many people have no clue what they want in life and if they do, they want the wrong thing. So, let's talk about life! What you want. What you value. But most important, what God wants for you. It's a conversation worth having.

"Let's Talk About Life!"

September 9: Sunday morning—LIVING FAITH

What is faith? It may be hard to explain, but you know it when you see it. Maybe faith is hard for you for a variety of reasons. But you can be a person of faith.

2018 Fall Gospel Meeting—Sermons by Jason Hardin

September 16:

9:45 am: “God Gives RestDo you have an “over” problem? Over-committed? Over-connected? Over-worked? God provides the rest we desperately need.

10:35 am: “Shaping Hearts (Young and Old) For God” Regardless of chronological age, our hearts are being shaped by someone or something. Who or what is shaping your heart? God can shape our hearts in the ways that matter the most. 

6:00 pm: “How Churches Stay Strong” Churches experience ups and downs over the years, but what makes churches strong and weak? The Scriptures provide insight into how we can remain strong. 

September 17:  “Well Built” We appreciate well-built things. Well-built houses to live in. Well-built cars to drive. Well-built toys for our children to play with. What about well-built lives? We will experience storms, and even floods, throughout the course of a lifetime, but we can have a well-built life that will stand the test of time, if it is built upon the right foundation.

September 18: “The Search For Stability In Uncertain Times“ Everyone needs stability in their lives, especially in uncertain times, but we often search for it in the wrong places. It cannot be found in material possessions, climbing the ladder of success, or networking with the right people. Instead, only God can provide the stability we need in uncertain times. Is your life as stable as it could be?

September 19: “The Need For And Power Of Mentors“ Everyone has one or more mentors. Perhaps a family member, a teacher, or a coach. What about a spiritual mentor? Upon whose spiritual shoulders are you standing? Now, what will you do? Are you handing off the spiritual baton to the next generation? There are specific action-steps for everyone on the broad spectrum of experience in order to ensure spiritual success

September 20: The Roman government was hostile to Christians living in the first century and yet there were followers of Jesus in Caesar’s household, according to the New Testament book called Philippians. If there were people living in Nero’s palace who honored Jesus as Lord, then it is possible to be a Christian anywhere, anytime. Will you follow Jesus anywhere, anytime in your corner of the world?

September 21: “Joy, Regardless” Joy, regardless. How can that be, especially when we see a storm building in intensity right before our very eyes? Yet, it is possible to experience real joy regardless of the circumstances through faith in the Lord.

November 11: Sunday morning—Break Through
God in you and you in God - a dynamic spiritual principle with the potential to produce changes in our lives not possible otherwise. It only depends on how close I choose to stay to Jesus.

October 2018

On Sunday mornings throughout the month of October, we are presenting a new sermon series entitled,   “What Is Right in Your Own Eyes”

October 7—This morning, we discover that we cannot do what we want, when we want, with whom we want, without hurting ourselves and the people around us, but most of all, our Father in Heaven.

October 14—When we do what we want, when we want, with whom we want, we end up losing our freedom and become enslaved to behaviors that are harmful. The problem is that we can say “no” to our Father in Heaven, but not the harmful behaviors. Fortunately, He is merciful, but we must choose which King we will serve.

October 27Do you really want to be like everyone else? It seems that everyone else is living the good life, but everyone else has worry, doubt, guilt... You get the picture! There is a different way to live - a better way - if we incline our heart to God.

November 4 — If we live like everyone else, we will be average, but if we realize that God is WITH us, IN us, and FOR us, we will be extraordinary. Why not be extraordinary? It is what God desperately wants for YOU.

November through December 2018

Sunday Morning sermon series— “The One Question”
November 18—Part 1 There is one question that will prevent the painful consequences of sin and unnecessary emotional heartbreak, if we ask it and then act upon it.

November 25—Part 2 There are four types of people in regard to wisdom: the wise, the simple, the fool, and the scoffer. Where are you? If you are among the simple, the fool, or the scoffer, how long will you remain there?

December 2—Part 3 You can make more money and more friends, but you cannot make more time, because it is limited and will eventually run out. So, how are you using your time? We need to ask ourselves: what is the wise thing to do in regard to my time?

December 9—Part 4 We should know the importance of seeking outside help in regard to important life-decisions, but why do we resist? Why do we not see what might happen as the consequence of a decision? The underlying reason is pride. Wise people seek even more wisdom instead of letting pride stand in the way.

December 16—Part 5 In order to make decisions, we must cultivate the fear of the Lord - reverence that leads to submission. It is only when we choose to submit to our loving Father in Heaven that we benefit from the blessings of wisdom.

Unfortunately, the last part of the sermon was cut off due to an Internet or Facebook issue. As always, thank you for watching!